Monday, June 4, 2007

Two pair overalls, one cowboy hat.

It's broken down now, but it was the local gas station and laundromat for a small community. And this was Hwy 101 winding it's way back to the coast. Now it's a chicken coop and 101 was relocated some 25 years ago, closer to the Pacific, widened and straightened of a little hamlet charm in the process.

The Kinneman's ran the place, a couple married and together so long they began to resemble each other. Both dressed in overalls and appearing so similar that the only way to tell them apart was to hope Mr. Kinneman was wearing his cowboy hat. Soda sipping in the sun while beach towels tumble dry.

Gone too are the signage of winged horse and gas priced to 9/10ths blowing in the winds.

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