Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Drove out to the sand spit, watching the weather ahead of the storm front due today. Quite a few boats out, fish starting to hit. Sealions lazing on the sand, last week they were out at sea, must be an indicator that either fish or weather is keeping them close.

Out of the water darted a salmon about twenty pounds, and right behind it shot out a sealion. It was all over so soon that it was hard to say if the sealion grabbed it or if it swam back into the water on it's own. Either way I wasn't able to pluck a free meal off the beach for the second time this year.

A friend of mine motored by in his tin can.... "You want to fish today?" he asked, "Sure!", I pulled waders from the truck and climbed in. We fished the seams of outgoing water, just missed a couple of hookups. A little activity on a couple of other boats, the wind hitting us, just a reminder that this storm is for real. Right before noon, the rains began and he dropped me off on the sand and as I walked to the truck he raced away up the river for cover.

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