Sunday, October 3, 2010

Noll final Sunday

Early Sunday inside lefts

North-west 10.5' @ 15secs had some size and some gems.
Three days of quality waves like this made for a great 15th Noll Longboard Classic

Surftwin takes 4th in a competitive gal's final..... sweeet!

I got 2nd with the very cool fin trophy. Good waves with some boomer sets.
On the left side of the photo holding court is Bev Noll matriarch to the event.
Mahalo Bev for a great weekend of surf.


faronium said...

3rd photo, second from the right: did she win a baby?

Anonymous said...

Ah Bev and South Beach. 19 years ago she sold me my 1st PNW 5/4/3, an O’Neil w/ a hood that felt like a straight jacket coming from Fla at the time. And South Beach being the spot I got my 1st West Coast waves outside of a trip to SF & SC. One that became a regular for me back in college.