Sunday, May 10, 2009


Dawn patrol yesterday, hit it super early before the wind took out the small surf and destroyed it.Waist high screamers down the bar for 75+ yards, a bit smaller than I like. Two hours of outgoing tide when it should have been dribbling instead it was snap, crackle and pop! Driving little peelers, with head dips and cover ups thrown in for good measure. Wasn't til after 8 before regulars started popping their heads up and by then it was hitting negative.

(almost there)

Hit the rock with some sandshrimp and pulled up a couple seabass, by then the wind was hitting hard as I headed in. While the 2 boys played I filleted fresh fish and fed the gulls. Gave 1 of the 2 bass away to a friend. Rolled home and started a fish stock. Marinated the fish. Then as the day folded into late afternoon, hit the estuary for some clams to add to dinner and shrimp for bait today.


On the dinner table, fresh seabass sauted and then covered in a French style wine and cream reduction sauce.. mmmmmmm gooood!! Fresh clams battered and fried, tasty! Steamed brocco and Caprese salad, too tasty! Of course I did the dishes, it being mother's day and all.

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Nash said...

I love the SUP fishing thing,sounds like it makes sweeping things up worth it.