Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I really liked the dead bird next to this pile of seaweed but missed the shot. A fresh looking plover or something like that, whole too, this morning all that remained was a few feathers in a rough circle.

I couldn't quite get over it's vanishing, so cleanly done. The bow hunter noted that there were coyote tracks on the beach and that got me wondering too, we never hear them in town, they must keep quiet to avoid being found.

At the trail head there is a new sign and it warns of bear. As we encroach with more homes it seems the animals are playing a little "quid pro quo" and leaving clues that they are not yet done with the terrain.

Between the rocks on the freight train of a reef wave a bobcat breaks open shellfish for a meal and I've seen a white tailed deer charge into the ocean to escape a startled dog.

And an eagle fending off all comers as it tried to talon a duck laying hapless(or so it seemed) in the shorepound, but it never managed to get the wounded bird and eventually gave up. Not so a seagull I saw torn apart by a pair of squabbling baldheads about a week later.


ras said...

Great post.

twin said...

I don't know what it is about the skeletons in this pic....but they draw me in.