Monday, July 30, 2007

Fishing Part 1.

This is where I spent 3 days last week, up the canyons. Part of a trout catching and measuring boondoggle masked as competition. As the organiser described it to us, "the worst time of the year to fish the river, during the worst part of the day, missing the bite at dawn and dusk combined!! He was to prove passionately attached to both the river and the fish within her.

Photo: PK.
The water is in theory too warm for the trout to survive, but they're there. Anywhere from under 8" to well past 18", and they fed throughout the day. Some of the fly fisherman had counts of over thirty fish per day, others satisfied with their first two days efforts just went out for big fish on the third. And were rewarded with hookups that broke off flies and leaders. All in a river hardly wider than a street in your neighborhood and as shallow as a bathtub, but not a full one.

Next; some of the characters who fished the derby

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