Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annual Ejection Day

52 years ago I was making plans to move out. From a quiet but somewhat dark space into a very bright and noisy place filled with others. It was a voluntary move but not without it's own loud protestations and pain filled moments. I'm sure it's a lot like moving a piece of furniture through a narrow doorway, there's bound to be a hurt finger or two.

Ejected from the Mother-ship so to speak but right onto another, floating in space. What luck! For the better part of 46 of those years, I like a few people on this earth have simulated that first ride over and over again on the surface of the sea. It's a rare thing to have been so fortunate.

Sometimes I think life in the 20th century for many has not been easy, if you lived without having personally gone to war, or fled from war, always had food on your table, money in your pocket and a roof over your head you have lived well. Add to that governments that were voted in by the people(whether or not you agreed with them....) then fortune has been kind to you. If you have traveled to foreign destinations merely to indulge yourself in your interests you have been fortunate. Many others have been less so in almost all those areas.

Some 6.7 billion people on earth right now and more to come. Enjoy your stay.


twin said...

Happy Birthday cutie. ;-)

David J. Hirsh said...

Happy Birthday, Gaz. You're old-fartier than I, but only by six or seven years. Thanks for doing such a nice job mixing up the fishing and surfing content on your most excellent blog.


PK said...

Every year on my BD, my kids make me give them some birthday wisdom. What do I know now that I didn't know one year ago?....
So thanks for your BD wisdom, Gary. It appears you are... .uh.. 'maturing' well.