Thursday, December 18, 2008


This hawk wasn't stoked that I came too close to the feast it was perched on and walked me off it two days in a row...... "Move along folks, nothing to see here!" in it's best cop on the beat kind of way.

She's a good sized red tail and I kept on moving as she flew from tree to tree. I think it's a she as the females tend to be bigger than the males. Up close and in the wild those talons and beak give one pause when they approach, they're impressive and hawks have raw power that's very apparent. I once had the urge to aid an injured hawk down near Pistol River but thought better of it and just waited for the bird to recover, which it did and it was those same two tools that kept me in check.


Anonymous said...

if you ever do need to rescue a wild bird, just gently drop a towel over them. Once they can't see they become very docile. I had to do this with a redtail and I was amazed how light it was at that size. Dropped him in a box and drove him to the shelter. I let them remove the towel!

Gaz said...

Very cool! I'll give it a go if I ever find myself in that situation again.