Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the SUP-per table


Dinner's out there.


Bring it home.

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Ryan said...

Cool set up. Do you stand when you're fishing or just sit? I'd like to try that on my LB. Also what kind of fish is that black one?

Heading out on the Willy tomorrow morning for some salmon. Their closing the season, so its the last day.

twin said...

"bonk stick"

...van couldn't stop giggling. ;-)

Gaz said...

That's the cabezon in black Ryan.

Thought he might get a giggle out of it......;-)

Wet and Cold said...

haha! nice ones.

how'd that cabezon taste?

Gaz said...

I have the cabezon in the freezer J, hope to get to it this weekend. Supposed to be super good eating.

Ryan I fish sitting or kneeling, the basket kind of messes with stability, so standing and fishing gets a little rocky. Especially with 20lbs of fish on the front. Either that or I'm a kook.

Wet and Cold said...

. YES!I can see what jig you were using! i got a bag of'm! :)

im totally onto this. contemplating what type of basket to use. i need to steal a milkcarton type and get some bungee cords. I do not have a SUP yet and probably wont, but the GP should work fine.

Gaz said...

Look at Westmarine for holders/crates. Also a short Uglystick might be the way to go for a f-pole....