Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silliest River

Got lucky on the drift boat yesterday and got a couple of edibles. Went 2 out of 3 losing a wild fish after a long battle as we followed it downriver from pocket to pocket of cover. Finally it rolled itself in the shallows and released the hook. A nice release as we didn't have to touch him, good sized maybe 15lbs?

Weather never warmed up really, snow in the hills but a dropping river and only 2 other boats all day was pretty cool. Eggs curing, last week's steelies all smoked up and tying yarnballs. Sheeitt I'm going redneck!

Surf was being shredded by the spring north-west as we were reminded around each bend where it blasted us deeper into jackets...


David J. Hirsh said...

Your count's higher than mine for the year, and your fish a bunch prettier too (steelhead, chose :-)). But you are forewarned; I'm fishing Cape Flattery this summer, and we get to keep an extra chum to go with our silvers (there won't be many chinook caught this year in my humble).



Gaz said...

Cab tastes great! You get to keep chum? We have to release ours in the Nestucca, no can keepie!

Say hey to my friend Buzz who runs the Bayshore Motel in Sekiu.