Tuesday, May 22, 2007


"Surfers make sheep look like independent thinkers" Quote from Patrick King surfer and author.

I pulled the major Jedi mind fuck today. An off the cuff moment that wasn't planned......I have tried it before and it's never worked as well. This was the one for the books though.

To set the scene....I changed into my wettie next to the truck and as I pulled the board out of the bag Troy sauntered over from the other lot. We shot the shit for a few seconds as we looked over the beach. I told him where I planned to go. A peak far to the south beckoned, only one person on it and she had just paddled out.

As we spoke I saw a carload of surfers checking it out and also me as I was suited up, so instead of heading out in the direction of the peak I wanted,I drew a clear beeline for the cove to the north. Troy went over to his car and I kept north and disappeared under the dune still holding the line. Sell it! Sell it!

When I dropped out of sight I turned south still hanging under the protection of the dune and walked as far as I could before re-emerging on my way to the peak. I was probably 100 yards from where I had dropped into the beach. Fully thinking that at some point they would see me and start the lemming like rush for the same spot we are all subjected to. But not a one was in pursuit, damn it worked!

Sylas came out a few minutes later but he was the alone. Later Hannah his girlfriend paddled over and complained about the shortboarders who were all aggroed on the teeny cove waves that I had faked toward. A knot of 10 people were now all over it. Shoulda been strictly longboards only.

I started laughing and explained what I had done, Sylas giggled that he had seen the same 4 guys all headed to the cove while he was headed the other way.


ras said...

sounds like pc? before my wedding we rented a house with out families a few hundred yards south of the cove. waves out front were punchy nice shorepound with two people on 'em. the cove was packed. no one likes to walk anymore i guess.

Gaz said...

One and the same.......LOL.

Wave Farmer said...

The force was weak in those ones...