Thursday, September 27, 2007

Springing a leak.

Back at OHSU, after 4 days one of the incisions had sprung a leak. So back to Pill Hill for a re-stitch. Will spare you the details of a 5 hour stint through the bowels of emergency (no you may not re-enter a hospital any other way). Or the sleep that finally came at 4 a.m., when the prods, pulls and pricks ended. Here is the B-man 4 hours in, awaiting the cat scan results and probably thinking of an escape route.

Just have to keep in mind that all these tribulations are just distractions...... The potholes in the road are shallower and the bumps not as jarring, and we are well on the road.

We returned to the big E for rehab yesterday and got back on that bike too.

What's the difference between a terrorist and a physical therapist?
You can negotiate with the terrorist.*

*With due apologies to Nursemyra


Patch said...

Pulling for you and your boy.

Anonymous said...

keeping you in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

hey B-Man we're all rooting for you here in australia.....x