Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What would happen...........

If we got in and out of OHSU without a problem? We'll never know will we?

B and I took a trip back to there for another check up and we just can't time our visits any worse it seems. Last time we were almost ON the cat scan table before they pulled us out of the room and back into the holding pattern. They were inundated with 6 traumas and we were instantly at the back of the queue as they took care of more serious cases.

This time it was a terror drill, P-town being one of three cities involved. So as we waited for the docs to show up, all sorts of victims of a bombing started coming in. Latex special effects substituting for real burns, down to a Starbucks cup in the hair.

Then the staff donning face shields as they treated patients, soon a geiger counter was employed and the ER split into a "dirty" and a "clean" side. I snapped a couple pics. It got crowded and confused before settling down....

In an odd coincidence I worked for a winemaker who was in the WTC the day before 9/11 and another friend was in Paddy's the night before it was blown to bits. Some things feel a lot more than dress rehearsals.

Here's hoping it stays a drill.


twin said...'d they fare? (the hospital & workers) Is p-town ready for a disaster?

Gaz said...

One never knows 'til the moment it happens, but they're at least prepared.