Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear Lord.......

Holy mother full of grace, please continue the swell that filled this place.
Give Gaz a tube to call his own and a wall to carve from high to low.
Give NM a speedy face so she can trim the nose til kingdom come.

Keep the shoulders clear of hoppers as we hold the righteous line
and hide thy sneaker sets from prying eyes.
Give us this day a dawn patrol like you did yesterday, the peak to ourselves in front of Jack's house,
that was great.

gaz & nm



Chum said...


marian said...

may your prayers be heard.

Gaz said...

Thanks M.... they were answered. It was well worth the price of those outfits and all the hassles we got from the non believers.

Oh, I'm the one on the right if anyone is wondering.....