Monday, April 12, 2010



Managed to find six fish. A whale, maybe two cruised in the water just passed the kelp. Dodged a phantom north swell that threatened to get the lone dory up close to the rock, nice solid headhigh swell that cruised through unannounced. Could have ridden it if I was willing to risk a yard sale, but no not so much..... He spooked after that and headed back in.

An eagle combed the outpost for birds, much to their dismay. Murres look smaller in numbers this year and it could be the result of the eagles resurgence, no murres have hatched an egg for a couple of years now off Kong or any other coastal rock within 100 miles.

The eagles make them scatter and other scavengers work the nests free of eggs while the murre avoid trouble. It's a harsh world.


twin said...

striped sea bass. horizontal decking. shadow slats...great shot. I especially like how they appear to be laughing. ;-)

Slim said...

They look like they're all laughing at each other.